Here’s how to get started evaluating AyaNova.

  1. Read more about AyaNova on their website at  Their feature list is a good quick summary of the product.  They also have a thorough FAQ, videos, a very active forum, and excellent documentation as online help files.  For a high level overview, check out our simple, two-page PDF brochure.
  2. Try the web browser interface, mobile browser interface, as well as the full Windows software interface from our Demo Page.
  3. Check out the AyaNovaPanel.  This is a private tool your company will have to do basic management of the AyaNova hosted system.  Primarily used for doing one-click backups, you can also access other tools that we have developed for your convenience.
  4. Sign up for a free 30-day no-risk trial to start using your own AyaNova installation immediately.  This allows you to fully explore all of the features of the hosted system.
  5. Contact Us anytime to discuss your specific needs in more detail, or to get a guided demonstration tour.
  6. When you’re ready, just contact us to sign up.
  7. We will help you evaluate your configuration, brand Add-Ons page for more information about our fees.

Next Steps: