This page explains the upgrade procedure and covers everything you need to know about the process.


HaveAByte will never automatically upgrade your system without your consent and indeed, not without an explicit request from you.  Some of our customers prefer older versions or specific subversions for various reasons so we can never assume that you wish to run a specific updated version, nor would we assume you have the time available the following morning to do the followup client-side upgrade installation necessary to continue with your business day.

Upgrading an AyaNova installation hosted by HaveAByte involves two things:  Ensuring your license will cover the version you wish to upgrade to, and scheduling the upgrade of the hosted system with us.

Licensing has various information available to help you determine if you need to pay for an upgraded license.  Please read these before proceeding:

In short, upgrades requires a current AyaNova subscription license.

Once you’ve determined which license upgrades you need to purchase, if any, we very much appreciate if you purchase from our Buy Licenses page.  Prices through this page are linked directly to AyaNova’s system and therefore pricing is always an exact match.

We encourage you to review this material and then contact the AyaNova staff directly at to ensure you are clear on your license upgrade costs if necessary.

Hosted System Upgrade Process

Upgrading your hosted system requires upgrading both on the server side (our end) and running are always free with HaveAByte.

Upgrades occur during our stand must be scheduled in advance, preferably requested before 3 PM the same day.  To request an upgrade be scheduled, simply email

What you need to include in this email request:

  1. Your Ayanova Administrator login name and password.
  2. Your upgraded license file.

Once we have confirmed and scheduled your upgrade, it will be performed on the agreed upon evening.  An email will be sent to you sometime that evening with additional information.  This is typically sent between 9-10 PM PST.

After the hosted system is upgraded, usually the following morning for most clients, it is simply necessary to download the latest AyaNova executable from your AyaNovaPanel and it’s also a guaranteed version match to your hosted installation so there is no chance of any problems.  Upgrades to WBI or MBI require no action on your part.  If you use optional add-ons such as QBI or PTI, you would simply ensure to select them during the installation of the executable.

Once you have upgraded at least one client installation of the Ayanova.exe and have confirmed that you can access your system, we appreciate if you can email us to let us know.

That’s it!  Email us at to schedule your upgrade once you have gathered the necessary information and obtained the license file you need!

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