Q:  How can I learn more detail about the AyaNova software itself, such as features and other information?
A:  Of course!  Being a hosted solution provider, we focus on the back-end server requirements.  For more information about the software itself, please visit http://ayanova.com.  They also have their own FAQ, extensive documentation, and even videos to demonstrate various features.

Q: AyaNova / Ground Zero does not provide telephone support.  Does HaveAByte?
A:  Yes!  This is one of the key features of our service – real, human-powered support.  You can call us anytime, 24/7/365 with any issues related to your service.  If the issue is related to the hosting or any other aspect of HaveAByte’s offering, such as questions about the AyaNovaPanel, the call is free.  If your system is inaccessible, and a leg just because you want a question answered fast.

Q:  How quickly can we bring this online?
A:  Just a few hours for us to bring your system online, but typically a one day turnaround is required due to the server maintenance windows required to do certain tasks. Some additional time is required of course to set up AyaNova the way you want it and you have your account information ready, it can be set up very quickly.)

Q:  How much does it cost, exactly? With everything, including the licenses and monthly fees?
A:  Our Instant Quote page will ask you a few simple questions and provide a detailed quote, complete with a code in case you’d like to discuss the quote with us.

Q:  Can you help us upgrade AyaNova, or move our existing system onto your servers if we’re already running AyaNova? What does that cost?
A:  Yes.  Upgrades are included forever as part of the hosting fee, however you must obtain the correct licenses from AyaNova for the software.

Q:  Can we try your service out with real data from our existing system without interfering with our current operations, or risk sharing our critical data on a public demo site?
A:  Yes!  Sign up for a free trial and we’ll set up a private, secure demonstration just for you.  We’ll help import your data at no charge for you to evaluate.

Q:  Can you help us configure AyaNova’s security groups and other settings?
A:  Yes.  The base installation package comes with 2 hours of phone consultation, configuration assistance, or other help, and we are available for additional consulting time.

Q:  What software can we use to access the AyaNova system on HaveAByte?  (i.e., if we use the Windows software, can we use the web interface too, and vice versa?)
A:  Both interfaces can be used at the same time.  AyaNova comes with a full-featured Windows .NET software application which can be easily connected to your database on HaveAByte.  Optional features are the Web Browser Interface (WBI) which can be accessed with any stand even works with some mobile devices.)  Also available is the Mobile Browser Interface (MBI), which is optimized for all mobile devices.

Q:  What are the feature differences between the software application, web interface and mobile interface?
A:  The software application is full-featured, having every feature in the system.  One notable one is the ability to create any kind of named view filter to show lists of data in different ways.  The Web Interface can use the filters, but they cannot be defined there.  The look and lean, optimized for Scheduled Users only, enabling those users to focus on completing work scheduled for them.

Q:  Are there performance penalties by running the software over the net, or maximum transfer limitations?
A:  It depends a little on which interface you prefer – the WBI (Web Browser Interface) or the Data Portal (or MS Windows) interface.  They are both very fast, and feels about the same as if the server is on your own internal network.  Many of our U.S. customers use the Windows application exclusively.  Some overseas customers use WBI (Web Browser Interface) more often.  At HaveAByte, we are obsessive about performance.

We have servers hosted on the PEER1 network, on the U.S. East coast and West coast, so we can put you on whichever one is closer to you.  You can run an online speed test here to either of those two locations to see your real performance (note that the results indicate “kbps” which usually means kilobits, but in this case, they actually mean kilobytes – 1024 of them is a megabyte, so a 2500 kbps connection is the same as 2.5 megabytes per second.)

We have customers in the U.S., United Kingdom, Brazil, Egypt, and assist all customers with fully evaluating the software before committing to anything or paying any costs.

See a short video here of the WBI in action to get a sense of how fast it really is, or try it yourself on our demo page.  Start a proper evaluation by requesting a 30-day trial.

Q:  How can I get a free trial?
A:  Contact us for a free trial here.

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