(Note:  Jailbreak is the name of the demo game written in HOMAGE).


Description: Html Object-oriented Multi-purpose Adequate Game Engine
Author: Erik Knepfler, HaveAByte.com
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/
Commercial use: See license, contact me via Github


HOMAGE is a game engine based on HTML, Javascript, JQuery, and CSS, and nothing else.
It is intended for text+graphic style adventure games, but depending on your ability could be used for more than this.

It grew out of a few things:

* This article: to-make-a-text-adventure
* I wanted to make a game
* I wanted to be able to make more than one game
* I wanted other people to be able to make games with my creation
* I wanted to leverage, and allow others to leverage, existing basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery skill
* I didn’t want to use <canvas> yet
* I wanted to write it from scratch to build my development skills
* I want to publish the games to mobile
* I wanted to experiment with Adobe PhoneGap, and experiment with Github
* I want to learn about the state of HTML5 mobile app development

The best way to understand HOMAGE is to read this article:
And then ask yourself, “what would a fully functional game engine based on that look like, if it were as simple as possible, using just HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery?”

HOMAGE is a demo game and SDK all rolled up into one. The best way to learn is by reading the code. When you see how small most of the files are, this won’t seem very daunting.

[button url=”http://github.com/haveabyte/homage”]See the project on GitHub[/button]