HaveAByte makes it as easy as possible to get started with our hosted, turn-key solution. HaveAByte reduces the total cost of ownership, and simplifies deployment. Start using AyaNova in your organization immediately without the cost of provisioning, configuring, updating, and securing an on-premises server. Our offering provides a fast, secure, easy to use system integrated with your website.

The hosting rate is $15 per month per scheduleable user, $100/month minimum. See our Hosting Costs page for more information.

Why HaveAByte?

We are experts at serving mission critical applications and provide 24/7 phone support and a fanatical commitment to uptime, performance and security. Our servers are on the Peer1 network and monitored 24/7 at an application level. You’ll get local network performance without the equipment cost or hassles, and we understand the security requirements of such systems, having provided hosted platforms for over 10 years. We provide the necessary consultation and don’t pull our punches when we talk to you – we’ll tell you exactly how to make the best use of the software to fix the problems your service business has. We only care about your results.

Are you ready to improve your service without the hassles, risks, and costs of setting up, configuring, securing, and managing an AyaNova server?

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