HaveAByte Services

AyaNova Service Management & Work Order Software

Manage all aspects of service including automated work orders, dispatching, scheduling, preventive maintenance, searchable knowledgebase, customer equipment tracking, management reports, QuickBooks integration and much more.

HaveAByte offers a turn-key, secure, managed, hosted AyaNova service for your database and web interface.  Setting up a web-facing AyaNova server for client access can be difficult, time consuming, and risky.  Don't go it alone!  Read More

Technology Coaching Services

Our executive technology coaching service is provided independently by Erik Knepfler, Owner of HaveAByte and an experienced technology and business professional.  More information is available at http://knepfler.com.

Web Application Development

Custom browser-based software for websites, intranets or extranets to solve business problems by automating processes. We have developed dozens of applications and millions of lines of code. We specialize in Perl and MySQL which enables us to be fast and agile at building custom applications that do exactly what your business needs.

Web Application and Site Hosting, Service and Support

We can host almost any web application so you avoid the hassle.  We strictly limit the number of customer sites on a shared server, to provide dedicated server performance at shared-hosting costs. We manage the server for you, and are always ready when your business expands to migrate your site from a shared server to a dedicated one if necessary. Our servers are Windows-based, which allows us to respond quickly to service requests. See our Portfolio to get a sense of what we have done for other businesses and individuals.

Remote Server and Workstation Management

We can maintain your Windows-based workstations and server(s) remotely, keeping them up to date, managing your anti-virus and firewall solution, troubleshooting configuration and performance issues, and any other IT tasks you might have.  We have years of experience maintaining datacenters, workstations and servers, and can reduce your dependency on expensive third-party, on-site troubleshooting companies and reduce your internal IT workload.  Contact Us for a quote, since configurations vary.

Website Development

We offer web development services of all types (web, intranet, and extranet), from the conception and overall strategy phase, all the way through to the nuts and bolts page development.  For startups, we can take a prototype site represented with a Word or PowerPoint file or even an email, help you find a template to get you started, and build a site rapidly, or we can be your project manager and hosting foundation to help glue together a complex system weaved by a team of designers, graphic artists, and programmers.  Due to our complete system solution, experience, and clever methods of building websites, we frequently offer quotes at 1/5th of competitive bids for the same project.

Web Content Maintenance

If your site doesn't require updates very often, you can't afford a dedicated person. Trying to handle it yourself is usually just a distraction from your business. A subscription-based maintenance program is available for your site, so that you can focus on your business instead of worrying about infrequent, simple content updates that cost you valuable time.


Service calls, remote-PC, and on-site training is available to put as much control in your hands as you want, enabling you to take the best possible advantage of your web applications, and reduce valuable time spent managing your online systems.


For more information about any of our services or programs, see our Rates page or Contact Us.

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