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For over 10 years, we have provided a variety of web based services to the following sites. Read about them to get a sense of what we can do for you.

Set up, configuration, design and hosting for the National Latina Business Women Association - Central California chapter website.  Uses the Joomla CMS, featuring built-in user registration, a powerful web-based management system, and many more features such as live chat. 

Set up and hosting of the AyaNova system.  Service Management and Work Order software, an ASP.NET application running on IIS and SQL Server 2005.

Providing psychological services in Omaha NE and Council Bluffs, IA.  Site developed in a few days, and hosted by HaveAByte, using a modern XHTML template and CSS.

Short for "knowledge vending", Kvend is a work in progress. The project is intended to provide the simplest way to sell digital products online, primarily products focused on communicating valuable information such as documents and videos, by enabling you to upload content, price it, and sell it. The idea includes the ability to create "Kvending Machines" from your products to vend them anywhere on the web, such as on Facebook or Myspace, easier than any other current system.

A personal wiki running MediaWiki, the same wiki software that powers WikiPedia.  Used as a resume as well as a system to prototype webpages and organize personal information.

A personal site, designed to host video game movie recordings from a game that I played called Ultima Online. It is without a doubt the #1 source of this type of content on the Internet. Includes a Rating system, file upload, and an excellent search / filtering / sorting mechanism.  The entire site was created in Perl and MySQL in less than a day, with only occasional updates afterward.

Created a pure DHTML version of the Flash site Macromedia Fireworks MX.

Created a shopping cart and order administration system from scratch with Perl, to sell Yoga videos. Designed from scratch to interface orders placed with a third-party application called "MOM-Mail Order Manager" which is a software-based credit card order processor. Was in use for several years without any problems before the business direction shifted to video editing work, and the shopping cart / MOM integration is no longer in use.

Musagetes Civic Charitable Foundation for Culture and Humanitarian Sciences Development. Completely created and maintained from the country of Kazakhstan. I communicate with the owners by email and instant messaging, and have helped to repair various obscure site bugs which were beyond the ability of the owners, and set up and helped to maintain a few databases.

I designed some of the earlier versions of some of these sites, which have long since been replaced by in-house site authors. I created a few product databases which were retired as the sites grew and changed, and in-house staff were trained to maintain the site themselves. Site design involved scanning catalog pages as images for placement on the site, and occasional updates of the catalog items.

Integrated the existing site's service offerings with PayPal to process orders. A very economical method for adding e-commerce to a website.  Site has since been taken down.

A group of sites owned by the same organization which operates sobriety homes all across the United States. Various development work over many years.  Heavy use of FrontPage / SharePoint Services.

Designed from scratch from a series of rough word document based outlines and content chunks.  Shoestring budget site.

I designed and developed everything for this site other than the graphics.  A complete dynamic page generation system powered by Microsoft Access and MySQL, written in Perl. The site was very close to completion, but never went online due to issues with the owner, and the domain has since expired, so I have mirrored it here merely as a demonstration.

Hosting/Setup only.

Charity Site Work

This is a charity site and was brought up rapidly, taking only a few days, using Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. The original was in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which was about all I had to work with.

Hosting / Setup only.

Historical Site Work

Set up WordPress blogging software, provided hosting.

I hosted this site for several years. There were about 10-20 additional domain names which all pointed to this site. I created a MS SQL Server database, and all of the associated admin and site software in Perl, to allow the owners to update a product catalog with over 50,000 items and for site visitors to browse it. There was no shopping cart since items were not sold to the public at that time, so the site instead assembled the items visitors were interested in into a collection and accepted contact info from visitors for salesperson follow-up. As their business grew, they learned many of the skills necessary to create and maintain this site, and someone in-house took over site authoring, while I continued hosting. They later moved the site to an in-house server to better integrate it with other business systems, before that type of thing was fairly easy to do over the Internet.  An excellent success story.

Web, email and FTP hosting.  MySQL database, PHPMyAdmin.

Hosting / Setup only.

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