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HaveAByte Offers Turn-Key Solution for Service Organizations

Dispatch scheduling and work order system for Windows, web browser, and mobile devices improves bottom line and enables company growth has partnered with Ground Zero Tech-Works to offer an online “Software as a Service” solution for AyaNova - the #1 service management, dispatch scheduling and work order software.  AyaNova has enabled clients to organize their service-based businesses since 1996 in over 61 countries and more than 80 different types of businesses.  They are a trusted and proven resource.  The solution offers interfaces for Windows, web browsers, and mobile browsers such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm devices which connect to a secure online database.

HaveAByte has reduced the total cost of ownership, and simplified the effort of deployment with their hosted solution.  Customers can use the entire system immediately without the cost of provisioning, configuring, updating, and securing an on-premises server.  The turn-key, hosted offering provides a fast, secure, easy to use system integrated with the customer’s website.

Customers benefit with:

  • Significantly less time between services performed and customer payments received
  • Reduced workload of management, dispatch, field agent, and accounting
  • Increased revenues due to work orders not falling through the cracks
  • Ability to scale to larger clients through improvements in pricing structures and policies
  • Improved customer interaction by enabling clients to submit help requests via the web

This mature solution, currently at version 4.2, practically transforms small companies into professionally managed firms overnight, ensuring the adoption and improvement of solid workflows, procedures, and pricing structures.  Comparable enterprise solutions are cost prohibitive to small companies - AyaNova was developed for and priced appropriately for small to mid-market service organizations. Using mountains of paper to track billable service hinders growth, has an environmental impact, and causes work to go unbilled.  No service company can afford to leave money on the table like that, especially with today's economy.

Features include:

  • Automated work orders, service scheduling, service dispatch and service calls
  • Customizable reports available on all aspects of service management
  • Accounting link to reduce time spent on Accounts Receivable
  • Mobile link to allow field personnel remote access to queue
  • Quotes and preventative maintenance orders that auto-convert to workorders
  • Manage banked service and contracts
  • Workorder and quote templates
  • Searchable knowledgebase
  • Client and equipment service management and history
  • Email notification to users of various events
  • Access data simultaneously with multiple users on your network
  • Add custom fields
  • Localize field labels to your service industry needs and language
  • Full inventory including purchase orders, receiving, inventory status, and part requests via work orders
  • Import clients, parts, units (customer equipment) utilities

Many browser-only solutions have limited functionality, slow page loading and refresh times, and a clunky feel, partially due to the limitations of the web browser.  AyaNova is not limited due to the various interfaces provided:  A full-featured, very powerful Windows application.  A web interface, with virtually all of features of the Windows application, works in any browser.  Finally, a simpler mobile interface for dispatched personnel to access the work queue.  The Windows software works like a high-speed LAN application for all users, regardless of which office they are located.  Perhaps one of its most amazing attributes is how it's such a great fit for such a wide range of businesses.

HaveAByte is a hosted web application service organization in business for over 10 years. HaveAByte is the only hosted solution provider for AyaNova, and offers add-ons to make using the software even easier such as a zero-click backup and download, allowing service companies to hit the ground running with the solution and focus on their core business.  HaveAByte also provides application development, business-class hosting, dedicated servers, 3rd party web application hosting, and website/web application development, targeting the SMB market.

Free, fully functional 30-day trials are available with same-day turnaround at their website at

  • Erik Knepfler (Spokesperson)